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NAXOS Capital makes majority/control investments in established blue-chip enterprises and minority investments in early stage companies on a global basis across a wide range of industries, including building & construction, paper & packaging, recycling & waste, oil & gas, media, fashion, information technology services, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, gaming, automotive, and manufacturing.

Investment Approach

All of NAXOS Capital’s investments are driven by a common objective: creating and securing long term sustainable shareholder value through identifying and executing transformational initiatives that have generally never been thought of or implemented before under previous ownership.

NAXOS Capital provides all investments with extensive hands-on strategic, financial and operational guidance.

NAXOS Capital, Robert Lezec’s principal investment holding company, makes direct investments as well as invests through other Private Equity Fund vehicles.

INVESTMENT CRITERIA Typical characteristics of target opportunities: TARGET GEOGRAPHIES: North America and Western Europe TARGET CONTROL/BUY-OUT INVESTMENTS: Corporate divestitures and privately owned stand-alone businesses that exhibit operational and financial improvement potential – typically asset-heavy/industrial-focused, or asset-light/technology-centric service focused. TARGET EARLY-STAGE INVESTMENTS: Pre-Series-A angel/seed investing in companies with a robust business model and highly competent management teams


NAXOS Capital’s founder, Robert Lezec, is an independent principal investor and business angel with a track record of successful buy-out and minority investing in the lower-middle market across North America, Western Europe and Latin America.

Founder and CEO

Robert Lezec

Mr. Lezec has been directly involved in the completion of 40 platform acquisitions, 15 bolt-on acquisitions, with a combined Revenue of $8.5 billion, and has made over 25 early stage investments in a variety of Technology-driven start-up companies.

Mr. Lezec earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and his Master of Business Administration from INSEAD in France.


Miami – Ft Lauderdale, FL

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